Great Job at JVA!!!
12 Blue runner-up in 12s Bronze
13 Blue finishes 5th
18 Blue runner-up in 18s open Bronze

SEVEN Championships in this round of tournaments!!!
See the pictures below
12 Blue at Central Texas Draw - 1st
13 Blue at Early Bird- North Texas Invitational - 1st
14 Blue at Early Bird- North Texas Invitational - 1st
15 Blue at APV #3 - 1st
16 Blue at Central Texas Draw - 1st
17 Blue at Volleypallooza - 1st
18 Blue at ASC #3


2013-2014 Frosh 59: The Best Freshmen in America

On 2/11 the USA volleyball program released their list of the top freshman volleyball players in the country. This was a long process of nomination and evaluation by the best coaches in the country. I am very pleased to announce that two of our varsity players were given this prestigious designation. The following is taken from prepvolleyball:

Allye Beth Deaton, 6-0 OH, Midway (Waco, Texas) – Newcomer of the Year, Super Centex team and District 8-5A, Deaton was the one of three freshman starters for the young Panthers. A blue collar player, Deaton finished with 409 kills, 450 digs and 62 aces.

Samantha Sanders, 6-1 OH, Midway (Waco, Texas) – This First Team All-District attacker made an immediate impact for the Panthers, recording 255 kills, 53 blocks and 73 aces in 2013.

We are so very proud of these young ladies

 We received a call from Nike. A different club sponsored by Nike acted inappropriately at a tournament. The lawyers at Nike have decided that all affiliated clubs must now change their names to make sure that the company will not be tied to the behavior of the players and parents. We must change Swoosh and Nike back to our old names of Blue and Red. Swoosh will be blue, Nike will be red, and dev teams are white. This will be a long process. We are working with the region in changing the names without affecting the team codes for official records.

Waco Juniors Class of 2015 College Commitments
Kelsey Slechta - Baylor University

Waco Juniors Class of 2014 College Commitments

Qiana Canete - University of Texas at Arlington
Christy Carruth - Midwestern State University


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